Corina first experienced the wonders of facials in her late teens and it was her own beautician that inspired Corina to train in facial treatments. 

Corina graduated in 1993. Thereafter she gained experience with a paediatric dermatologist and learned how to treat teenage acne.

Corina fell in love with aromatherapy when working in Asia.

Since moving to the UK, Corina joined the UK’s largest professional association of beauty therapists – the Federation of Holistic Therapists. She also offers aromatherapy consultations and treatments.

Now, after many years’ experience in several disciplines, Corina delivers a specialised treatment plan for each of her clients.

She understands that each person’s skin and story is unique, so each treatment is tailored to give both immediate and long-term results.

Corina works with gentle hands and non-invasive treatments to bring out the best in her clients’ skin.

Clients who have felt shy or embarrassed about their skin now radiate confidence after seeing Corina for their treatment.

Skincare expertise in Nottingham

The clinic is based in West Bridgford, a quiet residential area where clients can access skin treatments a private, supportive space. The clinic can easily be accessed by public transport from Nottingham city centre.

Find your perfect skin treatment

Corina has helped many women and teenagers with different types of skin, so why not take a look at the treatments page and get in touch to book an appointment?

Read some of our happy customer reviews below:

‘Corina is a truly amazing person. She has transformed the lives of my two teenage girls with her specialist facials. Corina is extremely patient, kind and caring with a wealth of knowledge and experience in dermatology, using 100% natural products.’

‘I’m am absolutely amazed by Corina. I’ve only been to see her 3 times and my skin is absolutely clear and I’ve had acne for 20 years. I’ve spent half my teens, all my twenties and 6 years of my 30s embarrassed and ashamed of my skin. I’ve tried everything, the pill, topical lotions, all sorts of expensive products. I couldn’t recommend Corina enough, having clear skin has increased my confidence and given me the boost I needed. Thank you Corina.’